8 Techniques Go-Getters use to promote their Airbnb listing

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There are many innovative methods to reach your target market outside the Airbnb platform if you are searching for opportunities to support your Airbnb listing. Here are 8 techniques to promote your Airbnb listing are less apparent but extremely effective.

1. Create a story to promote your Airbnb on social media

What’s exciting about an Airbnb listing? The fact behind it is a story.

Share beautiful images on your social media highlighting interiors. These photographs can even be paired with photos from other nearby locations to create a neighborhood guide. Follow shots of local establishments you love and write about each one a little bit.

Although you don’t have to go as far as developing your Airbnb listing blog, you should make it into a story. Use your story on social media as a way to draw guests looking for a particular experience.

“All search engines, Airbnb’s included, puts more trust in something they see more than once. Promote your hosting self on social media and make sure you link to your Airbnb profile. You (and your friends) can start with a”tweet”, “like” and “+1” for your Airbnb page. Go that extra mile by creating and sharing Airbnb wish lists, too. Extra links (especially good ones) can work wonders for your search rankings inside of and outside of Airbnb.”

Guesty Marketing Team

2. Collab, Hire, or Barter with a Blogger/Influencer

It might be a bit awkward, but it’s one technique that you should consider as part of your main strategy for marketing. Influencers with loads of social media followers as well as commentators can give you some significant advertising.

The simplest way to draw their attention is to give them free stay at your estate so they can publish their review of it. Attempt to contact them regarding your offer. They are more than likely willing to do this as long as there are plenty of reviews on your Airbnb listing. It would also assist if you already set up yourself on Airbnb as a Superhost.

Of course, we at Geneva Lakes Web would love to come review your short term rental property, but if you’re looking for another social influencer, try Influencer.co to find the perfect blogger.

“Take Damon and Jo – while the young couple were traveling the world, they filmed a YouTube travel show ‘for the social media generation’: Shut Up and Go. Their show became popular, not through ads or traditional marketing, but because their scrappy, on-a-budget travels and repartee appealed to an audience who found them on YouTube.”

– Raghav Haran | Single Grain

3. Purchase a URL to promote your listing

Show off those unique characteristics that make your property pop with a convenient URL. It makes it less complex to track traffic to your Airbnb website and it is simpler for visitors to remember as well. Purchasing a URL is quite simple and as long as your URL is available, you usually can purchase one for approximately $10 a year. In our case we pick up domains from Namecheap.com. A little pro tip from someone who purchases domains often, use Namemesh.com to assist you with URL availability and name construction.

While you may have been considering a vanity URL, take the additional move and just buy a website that will redirect to your Airbnb account. This only requires a few minutes and now you have a .com domain that you can share with prospective customers, which is simple to remember.

Geneva Lakes Web specializes in designing unique and beautiful jaw dropping web designs that truly engage prospective travelers in booking with you.

“To stand out, your website needs to interact and provide quality content for your target audience. You’re investing into a digital tool to grasp the emotions of your potential customer and capture the data needed to convert them into a customer. Don’t purchase a website that’s going to sit there for years and do nothing more than a crusty old phone book!”

Jeff Sperandeo – Web Design – Geneva Lakes Web

4. Join Rental Social Media Groups and Forums

You will be able to communicate with other hosts about a multitude of problems linked to hosting on Airbnb when you visit vacation rental forums. While this helps your enterprise develop by learning you how to handle it more efficiently, you can also take advantage of some word of mouth ads to support your Airbnb listing.

By remaining involved in the group your Airbnb fellow members are likely to watch out for you and give your way to some company. Work to build your reputation so that other hosts understand they can have confidence in you enough to share referrals.

We’ve found that there is a vast community of Airbnb Host groups on facebook. A majority of these groups are very active and a invaluable resource for any host.

5. Link to other tourism websites for a boost

If you understand what backlinks are and the value they contribute to the overall SEO of your listing, you know the value of a link. Make sure your Airbnb properties are identified with tourism listings in your region, like restaurants and hostels. These are trusted tools for tourists outside the city. Becoming listed with these organizations will certainly increase your reservations.

Finding these links and offering the value to the site you want to link to can sometimes be difficult. The website you wish to link to may want monetary compensation or unique content, such as an article written that would ultimately bring value to their website. Whatever it is, we at Geneva Lakes Web specialize in building backlinks to improve your SEO.

“We can improve google search results for your business. Guides to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be read over and over as they provide comprehensive information for what you need to get on the road to professional quality Search Engine Optimization, or ranking higher on Google Maps. The information can be difficult, confusing and take a lot of your time.”

Jeff Sperandeo – Search Engine Optimization – Geneva Lakes Web

6. Professional Business Cards and Flyers to follow-up your elevator speech

Do not disregard offline marketing strategies if you mainly use the web to encourage your Airbnb listing. Create business cards and flyers that are frequented by visitors such as hotels and local activities.

If you travel frequently, share them with individuals you encounter and invite them personally to remain at your Airbnb estate if they intend to visit your region. Potential guests will establish a deeper connection by meeting with you in person that will easily help you outdo the Airbnb competition.
Geneva Lakes Web helps Airbnb hosts with creating a unique brand for their property that will surely have your visitors sharing their experience.

From custom, unique business cards to promotional products like pens and USB flash drives, Geneva Lakes Web is the place to go.

“Geneva Lakes Web sets itself apart from most digital web/marketing agencies out there by hyper focusing on the intricate nuances that limit a businesses growth and profits by use of innovative and sophisticated tools, techniques, and resources to inevitably increase profits.”

Jeff Sperandeo – Graphics Design/Branding –Geneva Lakes Web

7. Share Photos of Your Property to Designers & Bloggers

Interior design and building websites are always in search of new material. This is an excellent approach to get some additional exposure for your estate if your estate features some excellent layout. Your property’s location is not essential. What’s going to create the distinction is that the pages will connect back to your Airbnb profile, which will increase your search engine ratings and overall increase your SEO ranking.

Look for larger property firms with blogs as they are probable to be more receptive to your proposal. Before you make your pitch, however, figure out how they’d like to first feature your property. Is your property a stellar example of eco-friendly design or is there a unique architecture in your property? If you can discover the correct angle, your estate may just be released on tons of websites.

If you are looking for innovative methods to encourage your Airbnb listing, you should be conscious that the publicity you are receiving is often much more efficient than paid ads. If you manage to have a viral publication on your estate, it often leads to a lot of reservations. Just make sure you’re ready when it comes to handle the additional traffic.

Geneva Lakes Web focuses on short term rental property marketing, so we have established connections and experience in marketing your listing.

“SEO takes time and upkeep to ensure top ranking on google, yahoo, and bing, but we earn our worth month after month. You will receive weekly performance updates so you can keep track of our performance.”

Jeff Sperandeo – Search Engine Optimization – Geneva Lakes Web

8. It should be no surprise that Video is the present day Champ for marketing your property

Video is now the most effective form of marketing. The smartest realtors are embracing the power of video – showing their personality in brand videos, presenting their properties in engaging clips, and highlighting their communities in lifestyle drone videos. From the full-screen video opener to the embedded property videos on each listing page, our websites are the best when it comes to showing off your video content.

Geneva Lakes Web is a Real Estate/Short Term Rental Film Production company that takes your creative call to post-production, and our team of production experts ensure we capture your brand, personality, and listings as beautifully as possible.

from Tumblr geneva-lakes-web.tumblr.com/post/185194224569

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