Business's Excuses For Not Blogging

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More often than not, the business’s we work with give me all kinds of reasons why a blog can’t work for them.

Which of the six do you resonate with most?


1. Do I Really Need to Blog?


No, you don’t need to do anything! Sink and blend into your industry competitors, but, if you want to stand out from your competition, then Yes. Please refer to this article.


2. I Don’t Know What to Say


‘I don’t know what to say?’ If you work with a strategic outsourced marketing team, we create a content calendar for your business.


In this way, you would have a clear timetable for the month, quarter or year for the topics that are best suited for your company. When you’re working with us, we start discussing the topics that resonate with your business the most. The writer has a chance to dive into the topics, interview you, and you have the opportunity to explain the point of view of your company and the writer learns your’ voice’ and hears it from the mouth, the ultimate stakeholder.


This conversation is very helpful for the author to make sure that he understands the unique point of view of your company and can start writing a blog that understands “your voice.”


3. Our Work Can Be Complicated


You’d be surprised, but, we believe your work is complicated. Actually, sometimes we’re a bit confused about what a company is doing. If we are new to your company as your marketing team, ego is always checked at the door and we ask many questions that may feel obvious to you. However, if we’re confused, your potential customers may also be.


Our authors are able to get to the point, clarify and clarify your difference in a simple and respectable way. We don’t claim to be experts in your field, but we certainly want to help you spread the word about how and what you are doing.


4. Our Trade Secrets, Just Like Yours.


We understand your company produces information, content, white papers etc, and you must not share any of your business secrets. We can help you share industry knowledge, advice and best practices without sacrificing any of your trade secrets in many ways. Please let your marketing team know this concern, the knowledgeable ones will be able to meet your needs.


5. Boss’s Dont Blog


Yes, they actually do. On this list, you will find the CEO of Forrester Research Mariott, Richard Branson and George Colony to name a few. Some may write blogs themselves, others may have ghostwriters, but to avoid bringing your point of view to the marketplace is a missed opportunity for your company.


6. Time? I Don’t Have It!


It can be all-consuming to lead and run a company. Can you tell me what CEOs need more? Time? Tools?


You and I know both that your day is packed with meetings, tasks, decisions and customer care. All other things are shoved aside.


You may not realize it, but you miss great entrepreneurial benefits. Content creation (including blogging) can significantly improve the visibility and sales of your business by increasing website traffic.


You will see better SEO rankings when you provide useful and informative information and continue to build credibility and leadership in your industry.


Why do you make the time? With proper planning, my professional writers can collect sufficient information for high-quality blogs within an hour. This is a great use of your time to bring the point of view of your company into the world and raise your own professional profile.


How Would an Outsourced Marketing Company Help a CEO Blog?


Forbes recommends that blog management (number 9 on the list) be outsourced as one of its top 15 marketing tasks to be outsourced. The externalization of your design, posting and management not only saves you time but also saves you money. Posting batch is very popular and enables you to benefit from a valued content library.


For example, when we work with customers, we create a calendar of content for one month or more at once. We can thus ensure that the content is prepared, planned and posted at the right time.


A good content writer can write multiple posts faster than your in-house marketing team and make sure you have several items ready when you need them. It also enables cooperation with marketing campaigns, seasonal promotions and business events already in operation. Your blog is a brand extension. Quality content will help to communicate successfully with customers. It will also make your brand more humane and provide better leads and conversion rates.


It is an excellent way to ensure that your ideas are published on a platform where they are easy to see and share. The hands-off approach can also be opted for. The creative content of the outsourced company can come from you with fewer input. We use a brief to investigate your market, develop topics and write relevant posts for your site. You’re just reviewing a draft with that process before it goes live. It’s not interviewed. This process is faster and better for you. We have customers who prefer both processes and do a great job. It just depends on your company blog goals.

Jeff Sperandeo is a marketing consultant in the greater lakes area of Milwaukee and Chicago. Jeff also works in business promotions for Geneva Lakes Web, serving growing businesses. Geneva Lakes Web team is available to call for marketing excellence. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about your company.