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Craine Painting Cabinet Refinsihing


Project: Partial Website Revamp & Seo Standard Services

Geneva Lakes Web met with the Craine Painting LLC via video conference to go over wants, needs, and changes on the Craine Painting LLC website. Michael Craine, owner of Craine Painting LLC expressed a desire to add some updated images on ( An archive of the Craine Painting website before Geneva Lakes Web performed work can be found here on the internet archive using the handy “wayback machine”. Craine also mentioned a broken link in the header menu for (Cabinet Refinishing) because the page didn’t exist yet. Craine requested that this page is created to highlight Craine Painting’s specialties in cabinet refinishing. Craine also stated that he wasn’t sure if his website was currently optimized for search engines so Craine requested SEO standard package services as well.


Craine Painting Website Before


Initially, when I began this project I started researching similar companies and I found that Craine Painting really was the only painting company in the Southeastern Wisconsin area that had a decent amount of quality content and mentioned cabinet refinishing in such depth. Craine Painting already had a good handle on their social media presence and appeared to be updating those platforms with quality content regularly. The only suggestion I could give to the client regarding the maintenance of their social media presence would be to use the IFTTT platform to assist with updating specific social media outlets.


Craine Painting Google Search Results


It was a relief to learn that Craine Painting was already using WordPress for their website and articles as more times than not my clients come to us after attempting to design their site on DIY platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. No one likes to hear that their site was basically made in vain and it would have to basically be redone from scratch. Craine Painting already had a great foundation for me to start with.

After the video conference with Craine Painting, Michael mentioned he had to login into his site to delete the obscene and endless spam he receives likely from bots in the comments sections of the articles published. From my experience as a web designer and developer in the web design industry, I knew a solution to this problem and installed a tool to identify these comments and delete them much like a spam folder in your email. We love to provide these simple tweaks to help our clients find new efficient ways to do things so they can use their time on what’s really important to them.

I initially used the Craine Painting logo that had an aquamarine teal color to it for developing the color theme of the site, but later learned Craine Painting had the same logo revamped in with a rich black and gold theme. This was an easy change and really kicked up the elegance of the website by adding simply stylized dividers throughout the web pages. I initially wanted to use a transparent header with a sticky scrolling effect, but after experimenting, I found that the header didn’t work well with the content I needed to display on the pages. I finalized my header by using a minimalistic three-part header with gold tint cascading down to the white of the page to give a rich quality feel. The top piece of the header contains Craine Paintings key business details and miniature social media icons to link to their social media pages. As the social media icons, the menu was interactive when hovered over.


Craine Painting Header & Menu


I then moved onto the main slider in which I feel is one of the key elements to engage website viewers to stay on a website. During my initial video conference with Craine, I wanted to learn as much as I could about his business and found that he had a spectacular rating on facebook and google and is actively participating in painting contests to learn and develop their skills. Craine provided me with some links of to articles, videos, and magazines that Craine Painting had been published in. A shared folder was created on the cloud and Craine uploaded a large number of high-quality images to use. I then used Adobe Spark and Photoshop to create three banners of same size and dimension and inserted them into the revolution slider to be displayed and automatically change every three seconds.


Craine Painting Slider 1 


Craine Painting Slider 2


Once I was satisfied the header sliders were working correctly and were of the quality I moved onto what I call the “meat and potatoes” of the website. Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization and Google’s algorithms have become so advanced that it is important to ensure the content is high quality to ensure proper searchability and ranking. The next element I focused on was to layout Craine Painting’s services in basic detail. I do this because the end user or potential customer may not want to go into the details of the companies specialties yet. Like most of my content, I add a simple slide in animations set to custom speeds and delays to ensure a smooth and fluid scrolling effects. Since Craine Painting was already very active on youtube, it made it quite easy to find content so I added a youtube video done by the (APC) American Painting Contractors on youtube ( and a video testimonial I found on the Craine Painting facebook page that I embedded next to it.


Craine Painting Featured Services


Moving on to satisfied customers and reviews. This is a must with any business in the age of the internet as most consumers now look for online reviews prior to making any decisions more than ever before. Again, this was not an issue with Craine Painting as Michael Craine’s company had so much satisfied 5 star reviews most companies would envy. Craine Painting without a doubt cares about its customer satisfaction by flaunting 33 perfect 5-star reviews on google and just as much on their facebook. With content so readily available, I felt like I was in “God Mode” with unlimited ammunition, so I created a three column interactive/carousel with facebook reviews, high-quality products, and video reviews.


Craine Painting Means Customer Satisfaction


Onto a new little element, I learned recently is the use of button-based popups. Craine mentioned that his current site had images that featured an animated slider to reveal before and after. It was a really neat tweak, but I didn’t notice it until he showed me it during our meeting. If I didn’t notice it, I felt most of his potential customers may not either. I again created a three column block to display some of the updated images Craine provided with a simple button that would open a popup of the before image when clicked. I felt this was clearly a better option to engage the visitor and allowed them to compare both images.


Craine Painting Before & After


Craine Painting Before & After Revealed


Once that was completed I began working on the process Craine Painting goes through when they begin working on a project with their customers. Craine already had this displayed on his current site, so I added corresponding icons to each step that matched each part of the process again with some smooth scrolling delayed animations to really get the information to pop. These process tables are quite important as they give the consumer a way to visualize the process to eliminate as many doubts or questions they may have before taking the next step toward working with the company.


Craine Painting Process


The Craine Painting company was already quite active in publishing their own articles with their current projects so I added an interactive and square grid to link to their articles. This again is so beneficial to the client as it adds more quality content, shows the humanity in the company and provides a huge benefit to Craine Paintings SEO ranking if done correctly. I reviewed some of the articles Michael Craine published and gave some small simple tips to get a little extra SEO juice out of his articles.


Craine Painting Process


Craine Painting hired Geneva Lakes Web to revamp only the home page of their website and create a new “Cabinet Refinishing” page. Once this was completed I contacted Michael Craine to review our work, critique and make the small changes as he requested. The page was published and made live to test once again to ensure everything was working correctly. Michael Craine advised he was satisfied and I then completed the search engine optimization provided in Geneva Lakes Web SEO standard package. A baseline was set by google analytics and will be reviewed weekly to provide performance updates.


Craine Painting Cabinet Refinishing Page Header


Overall, I spent a little more time on this project than I initially intended, but I know how important it is to over deliver the value of Geneva Lakes Web services that I knew this was a seed I could potentially harvest later by more work and referrals. Not only that, Craine Painting was an optimal client as Michael understood many of the services and value Geneva Lakes Web and was prepared to provide me with the tools and quality content to do so.

Click here to see the Craine Painting website before

Click here to see the Craine Painting website after

– Jeff Sperandeo

Creative Design & Marketing at Geneva Lakes Web

Geneva Lakes Web is a full-service agency that works with game-changing brands, inspired companies, and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements are designed to deliver results, from branding that breathes life into your story, to platform design that fosters engagement and campaigns that drive consumer action. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, Geneva Lakes Web will help you grow.


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Geneva Lakes Web is a full-service agency that works with game-changing brands, inspired companies, and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements are designed to deliver results, from branding that breathes life into your story, to platform design that fosters engagement and campaigns that drive consumer action. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, Geneva Lakes Web will help you grow.

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