Under the SurfaceThings are looking bright for Superior Custom Floor Designs (SCFD) out of Lake…

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Under the Surface

Things are looking bright for Superior Custom Floor Designs (SCFD) out of Lake Geneva Wisconsin. SCFD provides premier, professional and custom hard surface installation services.

As a longtime friend of Derek, I felt My company could help out Derek with some the digital aspects of his company. At the time of our first meet, we analyzed his current website Which was designed and hosted on Wix. In the past few years Wix has been pushing a very successful marketing campaign toward an everyday non-technical person. With that said, wix has its issues, and I will save that for another time.

Furthermore, I knew SCFD would benefit in many different ways by moving to the WordPress content management system. Derek’s company has been around for approximately 20 years now and benefits from a large following of satisfied customers. Who knows about these projects though? As consumers ourselves, do we always review or post satisfied compliments? Unfortunately we don’t, it’s reality. So why is this important to Derek and his business?

Well, it’s easy! Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization. A clear and concise article complimented with pictures of the project or projects SCFD has completed can be significant beneficial to attracting new customers.

A website is more than looks and frills. If designed and coded correctly, it should be a lead generating tool to convert traffic into leads and hopefully customers. Even if the potential customer leaves your website, often called a “bounce” we can use specific techniques coded into Derek’s website to collect data from the visitor and retarget them later on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

While it’s important to have a website that’s designed to be enjoyable for your audience, it’s just as important that your site is optimized correctly to index into search engines like Google. Where does you’re business show up when you search your specific industry? If it’s not on top, than you’re losing out to your competitors.

Here’s our no-cost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checklist to help you get on the right track.

Want to analyze your sites (SEO), try out our free website audit tool.

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