Whats the best hosting VPS 2019?

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Network Server Room for Geneva Lakes Web Top Hosting Company for 2019

Whats the best vps hosting 2019?

As a digital marketing agency that often provides web design services for both small and large businesses, we are asked about what hosting service we use and why.

This article will explain what company we rated #1 based on 3 factors we used to compare each of the VPS/Hosting competitors.


Price | Reliability | Support


This bar graph is an example and does not rank a specific company.

Is it affordable for your budget?

The main question for any logical and fiscally responsible buyer will always be the price. It really doesn’t matter how spectacular your service or product is if the buyer cannot afford it and if the cost outweighs the value.

With that said, We have used our fair share of hosting platforms and if you have as well, you will already know the big names in the game and the massive ad budgets they have to drown out the little guys. Without doing a complete breakdown of each companies business model and strategies, we still came to the conclusion that the cost can be intimately attributed to the overall number of clients they have to serve in the different aspects of the clients chosen package/services. This again is a calculated opinion, but it makes sense. The more clients, the more overhead you create with support staff and technicians. Of course you can argue that the margin of clients could offset costs which is correct in theory, but when you look at the top 5-10 hosting/VPS companies, their prices are relatively close. You can generate your own theories from there.

Unfortunately if you’re looking for us to mention those companies, we will not. Our individual griefs or issues will never come to a positive conclusion by being posted on an article intended to help others in the webdesign industry. We will however label the competitors as (Host A, Host B, and Host C).

We as a company knew that our best choice would to build a relationship with a hosting/VPS company that would provide the same industry standard services and value and that the company was not one of those big name ones. Basically we set out to find a company that may be in the infancy stages of their presence in the industry, but was established enough to have legitimate reviews and professional history in the field. Our scores are purely subjective so we will always encourage you to do as much research as you can before committing to a hosting/VPS company.
Host A
Price 86%
Reliability 99%
Support 80%
Host B
Price 90%
Reliability 79%
Support 70%
Host C
Price 73%
Reliability 99%
Support 91%

Host A

Host B

Host C

Percentage Score based on a numeric range of 0-10. 0 being the lowest possible score and 10 being the highest possible score.

How we broke down each score.

Price: So my biggest annoyance when it came to pricing out hosts was the way they advertised their pricing structure. While it is advantageous in the long run to pay yearly, many of the advertisements would show their monthly cost as it related to the yearly package being offered. Paying a year in advance is not always the best or even a realistic option for new companies. It was even more irritating when you didn’t learn about the drastic price difference between the monthly and yearly plans until you were well ready to checkout. This to me is cheap unprofessional “gotcha” marketing techniques and subsequently calculated in the overall pricing score.

Reliability: This was relatively easy to score because most reputable hosts maintain a 99% up time by using specific server variations to ensure your website stays online. We did however have issues with one host that we believe outsourced their support services. The issue was with an SSL certificate they installed caused a complete wipe and disconnection of our website and downtime for more than 12 hours to resolve the issue without as much as an apology for their mistake. We believed this was an isolated issue with that support agent so we chose not to move to another host. Unfortunately for us, this was again repeated a few weeks later. As you can see on the graph, this was Host B.

Support: As you scale your company, you will find you value this factor more and more. Fixing issues only accessible by your host can be the difference in money made or lost. While I strongly feel that the responsibility of the professionalism and effectiveness with your support department comes from the top down, you may just get an agent on a bad day. We did however factor in how easy it was to reach support, how fast our issues were resolved by support, and how many times we were transferred whether in chat/phone to other agents because our issue did fall under their purview of support.

Finally, how did we rank our favorite hosting company for 2019?

Geneva Lakes Web | Search Engine Optimization | Web Design | Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Best Hosting/VPS Company for 2019
INTERSERVER established 1999

Here is who we chose as our number #1 Host/VPS Company for 2019. Thanks, and keep up your valued services. Its being noticed!
# 1 Choice

Jeff Sperandeo is a digital marketer with approximately 15 years in the industry working with small local companies to large international companies. Jeff enjoys his free time traveling with family and friends. Jeff proudly lives by the philosophy of planting positive and remembered experiences in peoples lives. If you liked this article, please feel free to sign up for alerts when he publishes more articles like this one. As always, please hit that share button.

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Geneva Lakes Web Creative Marketer having fun White River in Lake Geneva, WI
Jeff Sperandeo is a marketing consultant in the greater lakes area of Milwaukee and Chicago. Jeff also works in business promotions for Geneva Lakes Web, serving growing businesses. Geneva Lakes Web team is available to call for marketing excellence. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about your company.


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